Attention Property Managers: There are various electrical panels that have been installed in the US in residential construction during the 20th century that may be unsafe. They can pose both fire and shock hazards to personnel and property due to defects.  Federal Pacific and Zinsco/GTE-Sylvania, manufacturers of electrical distribution equipment, have known defects in some of their equipment lines.

  • Federal Pacific panels were most common in buildings built between 1950 and 1980. Their equipment included circuit breakers that did not provide protective operation as expected.
  • Zinsco/GTE-Sylvania panels were installed in buildings throughout the 1960s and 1970s. Their equipment included bus bars that were prone to overheating and melting.

What is an Electrical Panel? An electrical panel is an assembly of circuit breakers connected to common bus bars that serves as a distribution point of electrical energy to building loads, such has lighting, receptacles, HVAC equipment, pumps, and even other electrical panels.

Will you be affected? If these brands of electrical panels have been installed in your building or community, it is recommended to take prompt action. The presence of these equipment not only presents a latent hazard, but may also prevent your building from being insurable.

The Falcon Group can identify whether or not your building has these types of equipment installed.

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