DBPR HR-7020 Division of Hotels & Restaurants Certificate of Balcony Inspection (3 Year Railing Inspection)

Building inspections are an essential part of ensuring the safety and structural integrity of public establishments. These inspections are required every three (3) years, and they are particularly applicable to buildings such as hotels, apartments, and condominiums that are three (3) or more stories tall. However, it's worth noting that these inspections may also be necessary when there is a change in ownership of the building. In such cases, the new owner must ensure that the property meets all the necessary safety standards and regulations. These inspections involve a thorough examination of the building's structure, electrical systems, plumbing, and other crucial components to identify any potential hazards or issues that might compromise the safety of the occupants. By conducting these inspections regularly, authorities can ensure that public establishments are maintained in a safe and secure condition, providing peace of mind for both owners and inhabitants alike.

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ELSS (Engineered Life Safety System)

Mandate for all high-rise condominiums in Florida. Must provide a similar level of safety as an automatic sprinkler system. It can include protection features such as a partial sprinkler system, smoke detection, compartmentation, or other types of fire and life safety systems. Deadline extended until Jan 1, 2024. All buildings must be up to code for fire sprinkler standpoint.

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SB-4D (Milestone Inspections & SIRS)

SB4D mandates that condominium and cooperative association buildings that are three stories or higher in height undergo a "milestone inspection" of their structural integrity when they reach either 30 years of age and every ten years thereafter. May 26, 2022, Florida Governor DeSantis signed Senate Bill 4 into law. The legislation is to ensure the structure is safe for continued use under the present occupancy and to prevent building structural failure and assure safety of occupants and community. The legislation creates substantial new structural safety and reserve requirements on all Florida Condos & Associations. Milestone Inspections & Structural Integrity Reserve Study must be completed by Dec 31, 2025.

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