Our structural engineers will design, plan and execute your project, tailored to suit each individual’s specific needs and budgets. Our engineers will inspect all materials used to ensure the strength and stability of your structure from low-, mid-, to high-rise structures and facilities. Falcon’s engineers pride themselves on ensuring the services and recommendations provided to each of our clients are held at the desired level of individualized care and attention.

  • High Rise & Mid Rise Façade Inspections & Repair/Restoration/Replacement

  • Stucco & Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS) Evaluations & Repair

  • Mid Rise & Low Rise Siding Inspections & Repair Replacement

  • Roof Inspections & Repair/Replacement

  • Water Infiltration Investigation & Remediation

  • Window & Door Replacement Design

  • Balcony & Deck Repair/Restoration/Replacement

  • Foundation Inspections & Waterproofing

  • Firewall / Fire Separation Assembly Inspections & Remediation