Attention Property Managers: Challenger and Schneider Electric/Square D, and Federal Pacific, all manufacturers of electrical distribution equipment, have known defects in some of their circuit breaker products. These can pose both fire and shock hazards to personnel and property.

  • Challenger manufactured two types of ground fault interrupting breakers, which were recalled in 1988, that did not provide proper protection against ground faults.
  • Schneider Electric/Square D manufactured four types of circuit breakers between May and June of 2013 that may not operate as expected during an overload condition.
  • Schneider Electric/Square D manufactured two types of arc fault circuit breaker between March and November of 2013 that may not provide proper protection against arc faults.
  • Federal Pacific manufactured a type of circuit breaker up to the 1980s that did not provide protective operation as expected.

What is a Circuit Breaker? A Circuit Breaker is an electrical device designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by overcurrent/overload or short circuit. These devices are most commonly used in electrical panels, but also appear in meter banks and equipment disconnects.

Will you be affected? If these brands of circuit breakers have been installed in your building or community, it is recommended to take prompt action. The presence of these equipment not only presents a latent hazard, but may also prevent your building from being insurable.

The Falcon Group can identify whether or not your building has these types of switches installed.

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