We have all read the headlines of tragic deck collapses over the years, including the two instances last year in Rockville and Germantown. The causes of these tragedies are typically either from improper design, construction, or more concerning, from failures due to age and condition that went unnoticed. Most collapses occur in the months between June and August when the decks are in peak use and loading. Failures occur when the structure can no longer hold the load that is placed upon it.

In an effort to promote deck safety, Falcon notes that Montgomery County, MD will be offering free deck inspections during the month of May for the 2022 Building Safety Month.*

The Falcon Group also offers deck and balcony safety evaluation services such as structural inspections, architectural / engineering replacement / repair design, as well as general services, building façade, construction defect, and much more. If you have decks and balconies on your property, contact The Falcon Group today to schedule an inspection or to request a proposal.

*Note: The Montgomery County does not provide free deck inspections in the cities of Gaithersburg and Rockville because the municipalities have their own permitting departments and protocols.