New York City parking garage operators are facing a tough challenge to cater to the growing demand for Electric Vehicle charging stations. The surge in EV usage has put the parking garages in a fix, as they struggle to keep up with the increase charging demand. While the EVs are an eco-friendly option, it is crucial to consider several factors that may raise concerns:

  • Charging Infrastructure: EVs require charging stations to keep them on the road. Parking garage operators need to consider the installation of charging infrastructure to meet the increase in EV use. This involves retrofitting existing parking garages with electrical wiring, power outlets, and charging stations, which can be complex and require careful planning.
  • Structural Load Considerations: Electric Cars on average are 33% heavier than their conventional equivalent. Depending on the overall condition and design of the garage, additional structural supports to bear the weight of the vehicles may be required. A structural engineer can assess the garage's structural integrity, analyze the load-bearing capacity, and recommend any reinforcements, repairs, or modifications needed to accommodate the vehicles.
  • Legal and Liability Considerations: Implementing EV charging infrastructure in parking garages may have legal and liability implications. Structural and Electrical engineers can help navigate these aspects, ensuring that the installation of charging station and spaces for EV’s comply with relevant laws, regulations, and insurance requirements.
  • Safety and Code Compliance: Installing EV charging stations involves compliance with safety codes, building department regulations, and fire safety standards.  Engineers can help ensure that the charging infrastructure meets all the necessary safety requirements, including structural safety, fire suppression systems, ventilation, and proper placement of charging equipment.
  • Future Expansion and Adaptability: As EV adoption continues to grow, parking garages may require flexibility for future expansion or changes in charging technology. Garage operators and building owners will need guidance on designing a scalable infrastructure that can accommodate evolving needs and emerging technologies.
  • Increased Electrical Load: Charging multiple EVs simultaneously can put a significant strain on the electrical system of a parking garage. This increased load may exceed the capacity of the existing electrical infrastructure, potentially leading to power disruptions, electrical failures, or safety hazards. Operators must be prepared to handle the additional power demand from EV charging stations.

Here are several steps on how to prepare for the increasing prevalence of EVs in New York City parking garages:

  • Conduct a Structural Assessment: Engage a qualified structural engineer to evaluate the existing parking garage's structural capacity and assess its ability to handle the additional weight of EVs. This assessment will help identify any structural weaknesses or areas that require reinforcement or repair.
  • Electrical System Evaluation: Engage an Electrical Engineer to evaluate the existing electrical system within the parking garage to determine if it can support the increased power demand from EV charging stations. A load study can determine the capacity  of transformers, switchgear, and distribution panels and make recommendations for necessary upgrades or modifications to meet the requirements of EV charging.
  • Design Charging Infrastructure: Work with a team of engineers and experts to design the layout and placement of EV charging stations within the parking garage. Consider factors such as accessibility, electrical wiring, load balancing, and space optimization to ensure efficient and safe charging operations.
  • Plan for Future Expansion: Anticipate future growth in EV adoption and plan for scalability. Leave room for additional charging stations, electrical infrastructure upgrades, and design flexibility to accommodate the increasing number of EVs in the future.
  • Canopy with PV System: Consider installing Canopy(ies) with a PV system to supplement power capability where practical such as at grade parking lots.
  • Stay Updated with Regulations: Keep abreast of the evolving regulations and building codes related to EV charging infrastructure. Stay informed about local, state, and federal guidelines to ensure compliance and safety.


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