Joseph F. Frega, P.E. is the Division Manager of Transitions/Forensics/ Litigation with The Falcon Group. He brings to the team experience in the assessment, design, and construction of buildings, civil, and telecommunications support structures, and also include field investigation, evaluation, design, and engineering of structures working on design and evaluation projects. Joe has been engaged in the forensic assessment of residential structures on behalf of national insurance carriers such as Allstate Insurance Company, Selective Insurance Group, Inc., and Metropolitan Life Insurance Company.

As a Division Manager, Joe oversees the team that records field measurements and performs calculations, organizes field data to facilitate analysis and problem solving, maintains organized records, files, drawings, or other data essential to the project and ensure they are complete and stored appropriately. He coordinates and manages internal kick-off, milestone and closeout meetings for projects, verifies schedules, ensures adherence to project plans and timelines to be met by internal and external resources, and works closely with the team to understand the scope of work, budget, goals, deliverables, and timeline to ensure project success. Joe prepares investigation reports and bid documents, including drawings and technical specifications, and conducts on-site inspections and oversees team performing on-site inspections and documents existing conditions and performs field testing, photographing, the creation of hand sketches and to observe work in progress.

We are looking forward to all of the success that Joe will bring to the Falcon team!