Falcon recently completed a dual roof and siding replacement project in Long Branch, NJ. The project involved a total of 11, two-story buildings, with a total of 70 units. Despite facing several challenges due to existing building deficiencies, Falcon managed to complete the project ahead of schedule, finishing it one month earlier than anticipated, and even more importantly, the project was completed under budget, showcasing Falcon's efficient and cost-effective approach.

As part of the renovation, the wood siding was replaced with new vinyl siding with trim enhancements, providing a fresh and modern look to the buildings. Additionally, numerous windows were replaced with new, energy-efficient models, and significant improvements were made to the flashing surrounding the existing windows that were not replaced. The new roof systems are not only aesthetically pleasing, but were also enhanced to meet currently building code standards by upgrading the ventilation system and the roof system was also inspected by GAF who provided the Association with a Golden Pledge Warranty.

This project was a success because of Falcon’s diligence during the initial evaluation phases where we identified several building deficiencies.  These deficiencies were then addressed as part of the overall design and specification package so that it could be incorporated into the Contractors competitive bids, and project budget.  The work was then overseen by our field team to ensure that the work was executed in accordance with the construction documents.  Successful projects are the direct result of proper planning, budgeting, and execution, and this is a perfect example of how Falcon’s team of experts can help navigate our clients through major capital improvement projects.

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