On Wednesday February 15th, 2023, Governor Phil Murphy announced his pledge to accelerate the state’s push towards 100% clean energy by 2035. Moving the goal up 15 years from the previous target date of 2050.

Should these plans be passed into law or implemented by executive order a key element of this initiative will be Advance Clean Cars II, which will phase out the sale of new gasoline powered passenger automobiles ahead of schedule, meaning all new cars and light duty trucks sold in New Jersey will be electric in just 12 years.

While 12 years might seem like a long time, opportunities for integration of new technology with ongoing or planned amenity and common element upgrades rarely occur. Acting now will prevent potentially costly rework and ensure communities can take advantage of incentives and rebates while funding is available.

Why wait when you can be the property that gives the positive "green" image and the leader in sustainable practices. As the electric vehicle market grows, so will the number of requests from your homeowners.

At The Falcon Group, our team of experts stands ready to assist your association in preparing for these changes. Large infrastructure projects that your community may already be planning such as garage repairs, parking lot and roadway paving, or electrical and site lighting upgrade work may provide the perfect opportunity for your community to seamlessly incorporate electric vehicle charging stations into your site. Residents will have the opportunity to take advantage of incentives to purchase these vehicles, as well as give them peace of mind that there will be a place to charge them when they get home.

Communities may need to consider the following:

  • Determination of existing electrical capacity.
  • Quantity of charging stations based on available space and electrical capacity.
  • Planning for locations of charging stations, and reconfiguration of existing parking areas to accommodate them.
  • Recommendations of electrical system upgrades (including service upgrades) that may be needed to roll out EV charging in a community.
  • Managing payment for EV Charging Stations connected to common electrical infrastructure. Providing flexible solutions from cost recovery to creating an additional profit center.

Our solutions can be tailored to fit each community’s needs and are scalable to grow with the expected increase demand for these amenities over time. Careful planning will ensure the safety our NJ Communities, and make sure they are ready for our changing transportation landscape while taking advantage of available Federal, State, and Utility incentives and rebate programs.

Contact The Falcon Group today and one of our experts will focus on all of your building and association’s specific needs.