Can you believe NYC’s Local Law 97’s first submission date is less than a year away!

Local Law 97 stands as a pivotal measure in New York City's ongoing commitment to combatting climate change. Enacted as part of the city's ambitious Green New Deal, this legislation targets the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from buildings, a sector responsible for a significant portion of NYC's carbon footprint. As the compliance deadline approaches, understanding the key provisions and implications of Local Law 97 is paramount for building owners, managers, and stakeholders alike.

  • Scope: Local Law 97 generally applies to buildings exceeding 25,000 square feet, encompassing a wide array of commercial and residential properties.
  • Emissions Limits: The law mandates stringent emissions limits for covered buildings, with the ultimate goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reporting Requirements: Building owners must submit annual reports to the Department of Buildings detailing their greenhouse gas emissions. The first report is due by May 1, 2025, with subsequent reports required annually thereafter.
Implications for Building Owners:
  • Compliance Obligations: Building owners must take proactive measures to meet the energy efficiency and emissions standards outlined in Local Law 97.
  • Investment in Sustainability: Achieving compliance may necessitate investments in energy-efficient technologies, building upgrades, and operational improvements.
  • Financial Penalties: Failure to comply with Local Law 97 can result in significant fines and penalties, underscoring the importance of timely adherence to regulatory requirements.

The compliance deadline for Local Law 97 represents a critical juncture in NYC's journey towards environmental resilience and carbon neutrality. By working together to achieve compliance and embracing sustainable practices, we can build a city that not only thrives economically but also serves as a beacon of environmental leadership for generations to come.

Let us rise to the challenge and seize this opportunity to create a more sustainable and vibrant New York City.

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