Mr. Mike Ramaglia is the Division Manager of Parking Garages for our New York City office at The Falcon Group. He brings to the team 20+ years of construction Project Management, Facilities Management and Development experience in all facets of the industry. He is a versatile strategist, recognized for the successful completion of multi-million-dollar projects, progressive, decisive, and highly valued for expertise interpreting project strategies, translating objectives into actionable plans, and providing leadership to multi-functional teams.

As the Division Manager of Parking Garages, Mike provides leadership direction through the sharing of techniques and problem-solving approaches. He verifies schedules, ensures adherence to project plans and timelines to be met by internal and external resources, prepares investigation reports and bid documents, including drawings and technical specifications, and reviews construction plans. Mike oversees his team that records field measurements and performs calculations, organizes field data to facilitate analysis and problem solving, and maintains organized records, files, drawings, or other data essential to the project and ensure they are complete and stored appropriately. He works closely with teams to understand the scope of work, budget, goals, deliverables, and timeline to ensure project success.

We are looking forward to all of the success that Mike will bring to the Falcon team!