It’s almost time for air conditioning, and that means it’s the perfect time to check up on….

Your buildings heating systems! That may sound like a strange thing to be thinking about as we prepare for spring, but like any system in a building preventative maintenance is a must! If you’ve had troubles with your central heating plant this past winter, now might be the perfect time to have it evaluated for repair or upgrades.

It’s often easy to set aside any maintenance that might be due after a difficult winter while everyone is enjoying the warm weather and focused on other priorities.  But the summer can be the most important time to take care of your boiler. The systems are usually offline and available for maintenance and inspection. Waiting until the heating season will significantly increase the costs of the repairs, because it becomes emergency work. Service contractors are busy handling other emergencies, a temporary boiler or electric heat may need to be brought online. The strain on residents can be significant and could even lead to complaints to the local health department.  Having your heating system work done in the spring or summer and your cooling system work done in the winter, can be one of the smartest and easiest decisions you can make.

If your old equipment is in need of a tune up, the summer is a good time to evaluate modern equipment that can reduce the overall energy consumption at your community, improve performance, reliability, and keep the community warm all winter. The timing may also be right to evaluate the overall system and consider conversion as targets for reduction in fossil fuel use are rolled out to multi-family communities, deadlines for compliance will be approaching before you know it, and incentives and rebate money are here now.

A team of trusted experts can advise your Community on what technologies are available, and will work with your existing infrastructure in order to make informed decisions with minimal down time. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to The Falcon Group regarding this information.