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John and I have been attending all the construction meetings on our project. I am impressed with Francisco Gracia. We had a large group of engineers at my old company. I would have been delighted to have a guy like him on our team. The project seems to going well. We are also impressed with Promax.


Dear Mr. Kolar,
I am writing to you on behalf of the Board of Directors of Palm Aire Country Club Condominium No. 52 (PACC 52). Falcon Engineering has just provided the final sign off on our concrete restoration project. The goal of this effort was to get our building, located at 3095 N. Course Drive, Pompano Beach, FL, ready for the upcoming mandatory 40 year inspection. Mihaela Hristova was the field engineer for Falcon Engineering providing both supervisory and project management support.
At all times, Mihaela conducted herself with the utmost professionalism and efficiency. She is a good communicator and seemed at ease with both our Board of Directors and homeowners. She also forged an effective, and yet easy, working relationship with Southern Certified, the construction firm. We were extremely pleased with the quality of her work and wanted to make sure that you were made aware of her excellent performance. Please pass along our heartfelt thanks for a job well done. When we finally are informed of the City's official inspection, we plan to reach out to you and request Mihaela be once again assigned to the PACC 52 project.

Raquel C. White
On behalf of the PACC 52 Board of Director

Hi Dave Chesky:
On behalf of our board and Gramatan Mgmt, I want to extend our thanks for your participation in our Annual Meeting on Tuesday evening. The background you provided was helpful to all of us, and many shareholders have remarked how much they appreciated your being present. So far, it appears the Capital Reserve/ Capital Projects Fund was explained clearly enough that there have been very few questions, at least so far.
The work you've done will go along way in keeping 900 Palmer a sought after cooperative, and we look forward to continuing to work with you.

Best regards, Arthur Rubenstein

Ms. Esther Calle has received her Special Inspector Reinforced Concrete Plans Certification from the International Code Council! Congratulations, Esther!

Hello, Sinisa. I hope you and your family are staying safe during this extremely challenging time. I wanted to follow up on my comments regarding the performance of Jennifer Ochoa on the Sonata Beach Club major renovations we are engaged with Falcon and Southern Certified. Her contributions have been the foundation of the project success thus far.

Jennifer's attention to detail, commitment to quality, tireless effort, project management skills and dedication to fairness to all involved parties, have been the key drivers to the current success of an extremely difficult project.

Numerous times Jennifer has held the contractor responsible for delivering quality workmanship in the face of sub-quality performance. Her unwavering commitment to quality has been the voice of reason during the many difficult discussions with the contractor.

She has also assisted the Board in determining what are reasonable expectations in measuring the performance of the contractor. As the Treasurer for the Board and a member of the board renovation committee, I can speak to the fact that dealing with us at times is not the easiest of tasks.

Speaking for myself in my capacity at Sonata Beach Club, I want to thank you for the contribution of Falcon Engineering and Jennifer to the success of our project.

Regards, Mike Brandenburg
Treasurer, Sonata Beach Club !


Another Falcon LIT Big Win for our client, Grand Valley State University (GVSU), Michigan. Falcon's LIT Experts helped the University recover $7M at a successful Mediation related to a defective IGU in a Curtain Wall System of their new $50M Library Building. Falcon worked closely with GVSU's legal team of Barnes and Thornburg (B&T) before and during the Mediation related to Damages. Falcon produced and completed an Expert report under tight legal deadlines. B&T was very appreciative of Falcon's assistance during the successful Mediation in which the "...defendants agreed to remove and replace all the IGUs.." at an estimated value of $7M. B&T lead lawyer stated that Falcon's report was very helpful in the Mediation.

Mr Stephen Kammerer has received his Registered Roof Observer Certification from IIBEC. Congratulations, Stephen!

Hi Steven,

While I find all the engineers at Falcon to be exceptional, I wanted to let you know that I really work well with David Schaub. If all goes well, it would be great if he could be assigned to the roofing project in 2023. I hope everyone is staying well and enjoy your weekend.

Sandra L. Harms, CMCA | Community Manager

Mr Danylo Varakuta has received his Rope Access Certification - Level 1 through Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians. Congratulations, Danylo!

I just wanted to reach out to you and provide feedback on the construction work at my home. (11 Indigo Drive). Let's start by saying so far the group doing the demo is by my opinion working at an excellent level, on-point and very polite. They get in, do their job and the site is by far very clean at the end of the day for a construction site. In addition to the demo crew I want to provide excellent feed back for Stan, Jarad Iarussi and Andrew. These guys are on point, on top and extremely professional. Just all around great team.
I have worked as lead project manger in a previous point in my career, overseeing construction finances and progress and this group is at the top of what I have seen.

Thank you
Tom Mamaras

...I also want to thank you for your excellent court presentation yesterday. You have the best demeanor and approach for testifying: calm, focused on what's important, unflappable. And you speak in a way that is understandable to a judge and jury - whatever their background. You were good on direct and good on cross examination. I could tell by Judge Hurd's questions that he understood your testimony. Particularly when he asked about 'concurrent responsibilities' between an architect, landscape architect, and engineer.
...In any event, I'm optimistic that the court will decide for Palmer, and set a prompt trial date. Either the case will settle on the eve of trial, or it won't. We'll be prepared however it goes, and since it really is an expert's case, we know you are prepared!

Enjoy your grandson, and best wishes to his mom and dad! - Mary Sue

Mr. Joe Dorini is now a certified Building Envelope Consultant! Congratulations, Joe!

Ms. Esther Calle is now an ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician and Structural Steel and Bolting Special Inspector! Congratulations, Esther!

Big win for Falcon yesterday at a major case's Mediation. Orlando's team's technical presentation and expert exchanges were found to be outstanding, precise and well founded. Great national exposure for us. Well done.

Great Job Lit Group!

Good morning and thanks for following up on my ceiling. Sorry not to get back to you sooner. William Dauhajre did a great job! Much more detailed than the two previous inspectors that were here and he found issues that we were not previously aware of. He is a very nice young man, very polite and proper. I am confident in your expertise.

Thanks again. Paula

Mr. Matthew Furlong is now Certified Level 1 Thermographer! Congratulations, Matt!

For -

Andy Amorosi, Principal, Falcon Group Steve Lang cc: Dave Schaub Mike Abram Carlos Garcia

As chairperson of our Maintenance Committee here at FSR and having been involved closely with our roof replacement project, I want to share with you my thoughts about the overall project results and especially your professionals who have been working with us.

First, the quality of the finished work of our new roofs, stucco replacements, stone replacements and gutters certainly has met our high expectations. We are proud to know that we now have a 'Falcon Roof' on four of our buildings.

Second, the guidance and support we have received from you through this project is considered outstanding. Dave Schaub and Mike Abram both have been there for us from the very onset until the very end (1% to go). Both Dave and Mike have been exceptionally knowledgeable about all the details of this project and have been a pleasure to work with. Carlos was there when we needed his expertise on our EIFS issues. There were a few realtime decisions that needed to be made where we felt much more comfortable having Dave, Mike, and Carlos' experienced opinions. Their expertise is second to none and has guided us well.

Again, thank you all for your supporting us so well in this project. We look forward to working with you in next year's phase.

- Frank Gibbs