Erin Kelley Bell is a Project Manager within our Baltimore-Washington Metro office at The Falcon Group. Ms. Bell received her Masters in Architectural Engineering from Bath University along with her Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, concentration in Civil Engineering from Messiah University. Her architectural and engineering education and field experience has provided her with the required knowledge necessary to complete field inspections and project oversight for a wide variation of architectural and engineering projects.

Ms. Bell’s experience included assessments and evaluations of building’s performance including building enclosure, systems, and occupants and also identifying upgrade opportunities based on the assessment. She carried out or reviewed building physics simulations for both compliance and building performance engineering and would model a range of heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC or passive) systems on projects. Ms. Bell developed analysis methodologies, tools, or plugins to meet project requirements and analyzed existing working practices and proactively suggest new ideas or more efficient ways of working.