Playgrounds and outdoor play equipment provide children with enjoyment, fresh air and needed physical exercise. But they can also pose safety hazards. Faulty equipment and/or improper surfaces are hazards that can result in injuries to children on playgrounds.

Sometimes such injuries result in litigation against the playground owner (i.e., a Community Association) for negligence. Most playground injuries are preventable with proper supervision and correctly designed, installed, and maintained playground equipment and play area surfaces.

Your community should provide a playground that is both fun and safe for your children by checking equipment for potential hazards and providing proper supervision and play rules.

To provide a safe playground in your community and control liability, it is important to have the following:

  • Correctly installed equipment & surfacing (documented with a safety audit)
  • Proactive & fully documented maintenance programs consistent with manufacturer guidance
  • Standard operating procedures and complete document archives
  • Parent /Caregiver supervision

Lyle Hoffman, Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI), with The Falcon Group team can assist with keeping your playground safe.