services // Seawall Investigations

A seawall is an invaluable structure for any building or homeowner who lives close to the water. They depend on the seawall to protect their property from water damage, especially surges and tidal fluctuation. The constant variation of the water levels and beating of the wall by the elements can range from unsightly cracks and pitted surfaces to total failure. Once damage has become visible, there is a short window of time to repair the seawall without further, more extreme, the damage is done. In some extreme cases, the entire seawall may need to be replaced. Enforcing routine inspections every 5 to 6 years can alleviate the risk of total failure.

Falcon recommends and can perform the following:

An on-site visual inspection of the existing conditions.

  • Visual inspection with photo documentation of the seawall’s structural elements from above ground
  • Diving investigation to inspect the submerged condition of structural elements on the seawall

Invasive/Destructive Survey

  • Borings or excavations to determine soil conditions
  • Inspections of buried or submerged elements such as foundation piles or tie back system
  • Coring or testing of concrete
  • Coring or ultrasonic testing of steel sheet piling.