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The Falcon Group provides full service Forensic Engineering and Architectural Investigations. Our subject matter specialists provide testing and expert reports to assist the insurer with addressing claim issues. Some of the numerous services our firm can provide consist of: building envelope and water intrusion issues, structural defects, building settlement issues, mechanical, electrical and plumbing issues as well as post storm damage.

Through the use of equipment such as drones and thermal imagery, Falcon is able to provide more detailed inspections in a fraction of the time. Our Professional Engineers and Architects are able to prepare costs estimates and prepare designs to correct building deficiencies. It’s better to be proactive now with building defects compared to problems becoming exacerbated and only more costly as time goes on.

Litigation sometimes becomes necessary to resolve construction, engineering, architectural or material-related disputes. For virtually any type of property or project, we provide a variety of analytic and comprehensive services to assist clients in obtaining successful litigation outcomes. Falcon has been the expert on claim recoveries that exceed $200 million.

"I would like to take a moment to sincerely thank Falcon for a well-organized meeting full of well-prepared content. The residents are concerned, as you can plainly see, and have their questions and comments. The fact that we were ready with intelligent responses to every one of their inquiries allowed us to hold a successful meeting. We have work ahead of us, but we have assembled a fine team of professionals to assist this community in undertaking the tasks at hand. Thank you all again!" Property Manager