SERVICES // Design Plans & Specifications

Our clients can expect to be given customized, comprehensive design plans and specifications for both initial and remedial projects, as well as, site and building-related construction developments. We have a multitude of design offerings to fit the specific needs and requirements for every project to make certain building codes are always met, while delivering a product that satisfies both your safety desired aesthetics. We take great pride in having open communication with our clients to achieve their desired outcomes while ensuring that all our recommendations are practical, economically feasible and efficient.

“... And that is exactly why this Association required project oversight by an experienced and thoroughly professional engineering consultant. To date I am quite pleased with the effort, substantive participation and service being provided by Falcon and in particular, Mark McCann and Scott Wilton. Thank you.” Attorney

“…Thanks again for all your hard work at both of our Associations. Your patience, knowledge and professionalism make it possible for these Boards to put their trust in Falcon and the whole company.” Property Manager