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Testing Services
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Sites, buildings and systems require ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure that they fulfill the purposes for which they were designed and built. Weather, age, natural disaster, poor construction, substandard materials, etc. can all contribute to the deterioration of sites, buildings and components. To ensure that these sites, facilities and systems function as intended, or if desired functionality is perceived to be compromised, Falcon Engineering offers a complete range of testing services to anticipate, and diagnose potential-and real--problems. These services include:

  • Pavement Coring – for section thickness and subgrade identification/compliance concrete coring: for thickness and subgrade
  • Concrete Testing – lab testing for mix composition, freeze/thaw, strength, carbonation and chlorides
  • Mold Testing – for type, severity. etc.
  • EIFS/Stucco Moisture Testing – for installation and moisture problems
  • Lighting – for issues with interior and exterior illumination
  • Temperature – for appropriate product application, monitoring and operations monitoring
  • Water Pressure – for standards compliance
  • Sound – for FSTC rating for sound transmission between units
  • Playground – for safety certification and compliance inspections
  • Roofing Moisture Surveys – for leak detection
  • Structural Movement Monitoring – crack displacement monitors for foundations, foundation walls and structural walls and slabs
  • Window / Siding / Roofing / Insulation Destructive Testing / Investigations
  • HVAC – for capacity and heat loss
  • Electrical – circuit testing
  • Thermographic – for heat sources and moisture detection, we use infrared testing technology