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Specialty Services for Community Associations

Specialty Services for Community Associations, Coops/Condos and Building Owners: FAQ

What you should know about our firm:

How many years have you been in business?

The Falcon Group was established in 1996 and has experienced steady growth in each passing year.

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What size staff do you have and what are their credentials?

We have a staff of approximately 75 persons of diverse backgrounds and experience, which includes licensed professional engineers (PE), licensed architect (AIA), licensed capital reserve specialists (RS), licensed building inspectors, college-degreed engineers and architects. All of our projects are managed by a licensed professional and the staff used is selected based upon the best qualified for your particular project.

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Do you have specific references for the type of work that we are performing?

We have job-specific references for all of our provided services. Falcon has performed professional services for over 2000 clients over the past 20 years and our reputation is outstanding.

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Are your capital reserve analyses site-specific?

Falcon’s capital reserve analyses are absolutely site-specific. Each community is inspected for site-specific aspects including condition, actual materials and methods for the reconstruction of each element. Our staff of 5 licensed reserve specialists is unmatched in the industry. We have prepared over 2000 reserve reports.

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Do you perform expert defense work for developers?

We do not perform expert testimony or inspection services for developers; we feel that this is a conflict of interest to the many community associations we represent.

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What type of communication can we expect during a construction project?

At Falcon, client service is what we are about. Each construction project is assigned a telephone hotline number that allows a property manager, board member or even a resident to communicate concerns 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The project manager is forwarded these messages where he/she will respond ASAP. Our project managers are the best in the industry and are 100% committed to client satisfaction. In addition, all of our project managers are issued smart phones so they can respond to email communications in real time.

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Will we receive our report in a timely manner?

Our office administration uses an organization system that allows for a streamlined approach to producing our work product on time. Each project is followed during the process to ensure that the work is produced on time and our checks and balance procedures ensure a quality work product is achieved for each client.

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Does your firm have a LEED accredited professional?

The Falcon Group does have LEED AP professionals on staff. Each project obtains consideration for application to LEED points.

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Can we get more information on the services that we need?

We are happy to supply you with additional information about our firm for your specific project. We have written and published a vast number of articles on various topics that may be useful to your community. In addition, we are happy to meet with you to discuss your specific needs.

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