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Philadelphia Maintenance Code 304.10

New York Local Law 11/98 - Facade Inspection

Philadelphia Maintenance Code 304.10

The Philadelphia Building Construction and Occupancy Code has been amended by requiring the periodic inspection of the exterior walls and appurtenances of certain buildings by a licensed engineer or architect.

Will our building be included in these new requirements?

This amendment includes all buildings six (6) or more stories in height, all buildings with any appurtenance in excess of sixty (60) feet, and any building greater than two (2) stories located in certain areas.

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How does this new facade maintenance code (PM-304.10) affect our building?

The first inspection shall be conducted within ten years after certificate of occupancy is issued. A professional engineer or architect will determine if your building is safe, safe with a repair and maintenance program or in an unsafe condition. The professional engineer or architect will provide you with a comprehensive report and is then required to file a summary report with the City of Philadelphia to include any needed recommendations for repairs.

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When do we need to have our building inspected by?

The first inspection is required according to the following schedule:

Construction Date Report to be Completed no later than
Prior to and including 1950 June 30, 2011
1951-1970 June 30, 2013
1971- 1980 June 30, 2013
1981-1990 June 30, 2014
1991-2005 June 30, 2015
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What if we don’t know when our building was constructed?

If you have had your building’s facade substantially restored within the past five (5) years, you may file for a waiver with the City of Philadelphia.

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Who should you contact to perform your Philadelphia required facade inspections?

  1. An engineering firm experienced in the evaluation of building facades as they relate to the Philadelphia facade maintenance code (PM-304.10) inspections.
  2. A firm with adequate staff and knowledge of construction technologies and methods.
  3. A firm capable of compiling a comprehensive set of bidding documents for the repair and maintenance of your building.
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