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A Cast of Falcons

We come to work every day to create, design and provide engineering and architecture solutions to our client base. We pride ourselves on building a team of highly-focused, dynamic and talented individuals. Our brand is built on our attention to detail and client-centric dedication to delivering successful results; from inception to design through completion.


Andrew Amorosi Andrew Amorosi Principal
William Pyznar William Pyznar Principal
Anthony Volpe Anthony Volpe Principal

Department Heads / Vice Presidents

Orlando Ballate Orlando Ballate Executive Vice President, Claims/Forensics Division
Matthew Cronin Matthew T. Cronin Executive Vice President
David Chesky David Chesky Senior Vice President
Pete Diez Pete Diez Regional Vice President
Terry Foeldvari Terry Foeldvari Chief Operations Officer
Matt Grobert Matt Grobert Vice President Capital Reserves & Transitions
Heather Hunt Heather Hunt Vice President of Operations
Sinisa Kolar Sinisa Kolar Vice President / Department Head of Engineering & Restoration
Steven J. Lang Steven J. Lang Regional Vice President, Building Envelope Division
Thomas Linus Thomas Linus Director of Forensics, Claims & Litigation
Mark McCann Mark McCann Senior Vice President
Masoud Sanaie Masoud Sanaie Regional Vice President - MEP Engineering
James Trynosky James Trynosky Regional Vice President, MEP
Jessica Vail Jessica Vail Director, Marketing & Business Development
Stewart Willis Stewart Willis Senior Vice President

Senior Associates

James Belliveau James Belliveau Senior Engineer
Adam Brine Adam Brine Senior Project Manager
Dennis Donatelli Dennis Donatelli Senior Project Manager
Thomas Dunn Thomas Dunn Senior Engineer
Alan Jalon Alan Jalon Senior Architect
Kurt Jensen Kurt Jensen Senior Architect
James Milito James Milito Senior Architect
Reza Koosha-Mirsaidi Reza Koosha-Mirsaidi Senior Electrical Engineer
John McDonald John McDonald Senior Engineer
John McGowan John McGowan Senior Project Manager
Michael Palmer Michael Palmer Senior Project Manager
Dino Penuela Dino Penuela Senior Project Manager
Mike Popeck Mike Popeck Senior Project Manager
James Robbins James Robbins Senior Architect
Dave Schaub Dave Schaub Senior Project Manager
Scott Wilton Scott Wilton Senior Engineer


Michael Abram Michael AbramProject Manager
Isandel Agosto-Figueroa Isandel Agosto-FigueroaProject Manager
Andrew Akanbi Andrew AkanbiAssistant Project Manager
Lizbeth Bejarano Lizbeth Bejarano Project Manager
William Cain William Cain MEP Designer
Christopher Cutri Christopher Cutri Junior Engineer
William Dauhajre William Dauhajre Project Manager
Benjamin Delgado Benjamin Delgado Project Manager - Miami
Joe Dorini Joe Dorini Project Manager
Maria Espitia Maria Espitia Project Manager
Maggie Faselt Maggie Faselt Project Manager
Yenys Fierro Yenys Fierro Project Manager
Carlos Garcia Carlos Garcia Project Manager
Sergio Gonzalez Sergio Gonzalez Professional Engineer
Lyle Hoffman Lyle Hoffman Project Manager
Stefanie Pritchett Stefanie Hosgood Reserves & Bidding Manager
Brent Houghton Brent Houghton Project Manager
Greg Lombardo Greg Lombardo CAD Manager
Karen Kovi Karen Kovi-Federico Manager of AP/AR Department
Brian Kutz Brian Kutz Project Manager
Scott McEnerney Scott McEnerney Project Associate
Keith Mullin Luisa Montalvo Project Manager
Keith Mullin Keith Mullin Project Manager
Keith Mullin Subin Nam Project Manager
Keith Mullin Jennifer Ochoa Project Manager
Michael Pearson Michael Pearson Project Manager
Philippe Perono Philippe Perono Project Manager
Edher Quiroz Edher Quiroz Project Manager
Timothy Robison Timothy Robison Professional Engineer
Michael Roque Michael Roque Project Manager
Piotr Rusinkiewicz Piotr Rusinkiewicz Project Manager
Justin Shea Justin Shea Project Manager
Yosep Bak Yo Sep Bak Project Manager
Ayub Sheikh Ayub Sheikh Professional Engineer
Hermes Soza Hermes Soza Project Manager
Tomasz Szymak Tomasz Szymak Project Manager
Tayler Young Tayler Young Marketing and Business Development Associate/ Florida Office Manager
Thomas Zaniewski Thomas Zaniewski Project Manager


Samantha Kish Samantha Kish Human Resources Manager
Vanessa Rodriguez Vanessa Rodrigues HR Administrative Assistant
Megan Elgard Megan Elgard Manager of Administration
Paulina Lombardo Paulina Lombardo Assistant Manager of Admin
Taylor Gilbert Taylor Gilbert Administrative Assistant
Nouchelle Hastings Nouchelle Hastings Project Administrator
Michael Mulqueen Michael Mulqueen Project Administrator
Amanda Rodriguez Amanda Rodriguez Administrative Processor
Anastasia Vazheva Anastasia Vazheva Expeditor
Erica Dalesandro Erica Dalesandro Project Administrator
Erica Dalesandro Charlene Raymond Project Administrator

Technical Support

Andrew Walther Andrew Walther I.T. Manager
Branden Klemens Branden Klemens Systems Administrator