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New York Local Law 11

New York Local Law 11/98 - Facade Inspection

New York FISP (Façade Inspection Safety Program)

Litigation sometimes becomes necessary to resolve construction, engineering, architectural or materials-related disputes. For virtually any type of property or project, we provide a variety of analytic and related services to assist clients in obtaining successful litigation outcomes, related to:

  • Project planning/budgeting/management
  • Facade evaluation
  • Construction technologies and methods
  • Facilitation of removal of violations from NY Department of Building for properties in compliance
  • Development of bid plans/specifications for building repair/maintenance
  • Coordination/facilitation of drawing and plan filings/approvals from the NYC Buildings Department

There are certain requirements that city establishments must meet to avoid façade violations, according to standards and codes set by the NY Department of Building. We understand these standards and codes and all of the complexities involved in maintaining them. We can work with business and residence owners to help them maintain their establishments within proper guidelines. If there is already a violation, we can coordinate efforts to bring a timely resolution in a cost-effective manner.

For expertise in New York's FISP (Façade Inspection Safety Program) , you'll find the help you need with Falcon Engineering. Our wide range of services helps businesses and homeowners in this area stay in compliance and to share in the pride of a thriving community. Call us today.