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Benchmarking in Washington DC

Benchmarking Services in Washington DC

Benchmarking in Washington DC

In Washington DC, benchmarking service is provided by the experts at Falcon Engineering. We bring a proactive approach to ensuring that you meet energy usage requirements. With our help, you can save money in the most innovative ways possible.

The District of Columbia has begun an energy benchmarking program that requires all building 200,000 sq. ft. be benchmarked by 2011, buildings 150,000 sq. ft. be benchmarked by 2013, buildings 100,000 sq. ft. be benchmarked by 2013 and all buildings 50,000 sq. ft. shall be benchmarked by 2014. The requirements are part of a requirement that was passed in by the city council in 2008 regarding clean energy.

For Washington, DC benchmarking, you can have confidence in the services of Falcon Engineering. We are the local experts in this field with an engineering and architectural team available to help you implement state of the art, cost-effective, energy saving designs.

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