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Benchmarking in New York

Benchmarking Services in New York

Benchmarking in New York

In NYC, benchmarking service is provided by the experts at Falcon Engineering. We bring a proactive approach to ensuring that you meet energy usage requirements. With our help, you can save money in the most innovative ways possible.

New York City Local Law 84 requires that all buildings 50,000 square feet or larger be benchmarked, using the EPA Portfolio Manager, once every year before May 1st. Benchmarking compares your building’s energy usage to standards and the energy usage of similar types of buildings. In simple terms, it is the flashlight by which you can see the inefficiencies in your building’s energy consuming systems. You will be able to track the impact of new equipment, system problems and efficiency on an annual basis and make improvements to save on energy costs.

This process began in 2010, but it is now mandatory. The law, in its final form, requires full compliance in 2011. At this time, the law does not require a minimum score. It is expected that a minimum score will be required in 2014 with the intention of increasing the minimum score each year thereafter. The process is rather simple and inexpensive.

For NYC benchmarking, you can have confidence in the services of Falcon Engineering. We are the local experts in this field with an engineering and architectural team available to help you implement state of the art, cost-effective, energy saving designs. Call us today for additional information and a no-obligation proposal.