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Structural and Construction Engineering

Structural and Construction Engineering Services
We balance professional credentials with "real world answers" to translate state-of-the-art engineering principles into feasible, economical results.

Structural and Construction Engineering

Communities are much like the residents they serve; each has individual and specific needs and preferences. We welcome the opportunity to provide personalized service to each community, and tailor our services and recommendations so that each of our clients receives the desired level of individualized care and attention. Some of our services to Community Associations include:

  • Design Specifications
  • Emergency Repair Design Services
  • Construction Defect Reports and Claim Administration
  • Construction Project Management
  • Siding Replacement Specifications
  • EIFS (Synthetic Stucco)/Stucco Investigations
  • Concrete Design, Waterproofing and Repairs
  • Roof Replacement Specifications
  • Fire and Flood Reconstruction Plans and Management
  • Tenant Separation Analysis for Fire Protection/Sound Analysis
  • Expert Witness Reports/Professional Testimony