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Construction Administration and Observation

Construction Administration and Observation Services
We balance professional credentials with "real world answers" to translate state-of-the-art engineering principles into feasible, economical results.

Construction Administration and Observation

We understand that construction, infrastructure and refurbishment projects are complex and multi-faceted. Meeting and anticipating client needs to ensure project success demands a comprehensive, hands-on approach. We fuse expert technical credentials with first-rate management skills to facilitate projects that are:

  • Properly planned and designed
  • Effectively bid and correctly managed
  • Delivered on schedule, within budget and in compliance with specifications and applicable building codes

We have often been retained to administer some, or all, of the aspects of construction projects, because our experience allows us to anticipate and avoid mistakes or omissions, which may materially alter a project's schedule, cost, outcome or benefit. Effective administration and inspection can reduce project costs. Our Administration/ Inspection services include:

  • Preparation of Construction Documents
  • Cost Estimate Preparation/Review
  • Bid Specification Development
  • Bid Administration Process
  • Pre-Construction Advisory/Meetings with Contractors
  • Comprehensive Construction/Work Inspections
  • Punchlist Preparation, Quantity/Invoice Verification, Payment Authorization